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Automatic shrink packaging machine

Ø Model: HG-500
Automatic shrink packaging machine
range of application :
Suitable for beer, beverage, juice, milk, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Packaging products are cans, glass bottles, PET bottles
Features: novel optimization design, PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, tracking accuracy, to eliminate the lack of bottle, pour bottles, and flexible adjustment. Adjustable hot air circulation structure, applicable to a variety of heat-shrinkable film, changing bottle is quick and easy. Fault warning, reliable, finely crafted, durable, energy-saving effect is remarkable.


Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 5850 × 3500 × 1600 (mm)
Max.Sealing size: 420 × 300 × 350 (H) (mm)
Maximum sealing length: 650mm
The height of the conveyor belt level: 950 ± 30mm
Production speed :6-10 packs / min (Min)
The power: 50HZ/380V three-phase five-wire system
Working pressure: ≥ 0.6Mpa
Power (rated / production): 26KW/16KW
Total weight: 1600kg