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HG-300 Semi-automatic Shrink SLeeve Wrapping machine

Semi-automatic shrink packaging machine, widely used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and combination packaging. It can be adapted to no bottom, the semi-care, cartons, regardless of square, round, flat or shaped packaging can be perfect, the visual effect is very good, low-cost packaging. The machine adopts novel optimization design, electrical automatic control and accurate positioning. Changing bottle and packaging specifications, and flexible adjustment. The machine is safe and beautiful. hot air circulation structure can be adjustable,suitable for a variety of shrink film, film replacement is quick and easy, high-quality electrical components to ensure reliable operation. So as to provide a solid guarantee for constant quality, stable and reliable, continuous production for a long time. Machine are madeof high-quality carbon steel and stainless steel precision manufacturing, compact structure, durable, energy-saving effect is remarkable, and first choice device of sleeve PE packaging.


Technical parameter :

Dimension :L5850×W1200×H1600(mm)
Maximum packing size : L420×W300×H350(mm)
Maximum sealing length : 650mm
The height of the conveyor belt level::950+30mm
Production speed : 8-12B/MIN
POWER :50HZ/380V 3P five-wire system
Motor : (rated /production : 24KW/16KW
Working air pressure : ≥ 0.55Mpa